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COVID 19 – Message to Supporters

COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) Message to Our Supporters

At this time of unprecedented COVID-19 crisis in our country, and across the globe, we would like to assure you that all of you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please take the utmost care in terms of personal safety, and to follow the HSE guideline. This may mean staying indoors and various other inconveniences, but in the interest of the long-term welfare of us all it is necessary to make sacrifices, doing so in the knowledge that we can prevent further illness and fatalities.

Guideline Coronavirus
We would also like to remind you all that every one of our services are still available online and over the telephone. So if you should require a mass, prayers, need to light a candle for yourself or your loved ones or would like to place an order, make a donation, renew your magazine subscription or enter the draw etc. you can still do so by following the links below or by phoning our office on (01) 8745465:

Online Shop – Order Products

Mass Offerings

Magazine Renewal

(If you are a promoter and receive more than one magazine, please call us on 01 8745465)

Draw Tickets

Light A Candle

Submit a Prayer Request

Make A Donation



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