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Is it better to suffer injustice than do it?; is it right to put truth above your needs and the bodily

Just last week when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be taking a “step back”

November 1st – All Saints Day All Saints Day, celebrated on November 1st commemorates all the

Celebrating Pope St John Paul II This month on Tuesday 22nd, we celebrate the feast day of St Pope John

Mary as a Role – Model The Catholic Church has traditionally dedicated the month of September

The Election of a Pope. This time last year we were awaiting the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland. 

The Feast of the Assumption – What does it mean? The Feast of the Assumption The word ‘assumption’

Christian Persecution – Still Going On I was at a Mass recently where the Priest talked about how

Love Thy Neighbour As a country Ireland’s nearest neighbour is of course England, that other island

A Visit to Merchants Quay Ireland On Thursday of last week my colleague and I had the opportunity to

A Helping Hand – St Martin Charities   At the St Martin Apostolate we have as our Patron a man

Saint Martin Apostolate has been a long standing supporter of Trócaire’s never ending efforts to