Become A Magazine Promoter

Become a Promoter for St Martin Magazine

There are some areas for which availability of the magazine is scarce. If you find it difficult to source would you consider becoming a promoter?



A promoter is a supporter who subscribes to more than one copy per month of the magazine and distributes them to those in the area who would like one. Acting on our behalf, the promoter then collects the subscription money from the individuals and sends it to us.

Even if you were only to take on three copies a month to sell and distribute to friends of St. Martin, it would be a great help. By getting it from you, readers would be sure of receiving it every month without fail. If each reader got just one new subscriber it would be a wonderful way to spread the gospel of the Good News.

Equally, do you know anyone who is elderly, infirm or for any other reason is not able to secure a copy for themselves? Perhaps you can help them by either subscribing for them or becoming a promoter and ensuring they receive their monthly copy.


If you would like more information on subscribing or becoming a promoter for the Saint Martin Magazine, please call the magazine team on 01 874 5465 or email