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Become a Promoter for our Saint Martin Magazine

There are some areas in which the availability of the magazine is scarce. If you find it difficult to source, would you consider becoming a promoter?

Join Our Promoter Program!

Have you ever had trouble finding our magazine in your area? Do you believe in the power of sharing uplifting stories and inspiring content with others? If so, we invite you to consider becoming a promoter!

What is a Promoter and What Do They Do?

A promoter is a dedicated supporter who subscribes to more than one copy per month of our magazine and takes on the responsibility of distributing it to those in their community who would like to read it. Acting as our representatives, promoters collect subscription fees from individuals and send them to us, ensuring that everyone has access to the Good News.

Even if you’re only able to take on a few copies each month, your contribution can make a significant impact. By selling and distributing these copies to your friends, family, and neighbors, you guarantee that they receive their monthly St Martin Magazine without fail. Imagine the ripple effect if each reader recruited just one new subscriber—it would be a wonderful way to spread the message of hope far and wide!

Special Promoter Discounts

To show our appreciation for your commitment to spreading the word of Saint Martin, we offer special promoter discounts based on the number of magazines you take on to distribute each month. Because there is less postage involved in bulk shipments, these discounts help lessen the cost of a subscription for recipients, making it even more accessible to everyone in your community.

Help Those in Need

Do you know someone who may have difficulty securing a copy of our magazine for themselves? Whether they’re elderly, infirm, or facing other challenges, you can make a difference in their lives. Consider subscribing on their behalf or becoming a promoter to ensure that they receive their monthly copy without any hassle.

Join us in our mission to spread positivity, inspiration, and the message of hope to every corner of our community. Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of others and amplify the impact of our magazine.

To become a promoter or learn more about our promoter program, please contact us on 01 8745465 (or 00353 1 8745465 from outside Ireland) today. Thank you for your support and dedication.