History of The Moving Crib

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Above is some video and audio footage from the RTE Archives of original coverage of The Moving Crib, visit the bottom of this page to see what

The Moving Crib looks like in more recent years.


The Moving Crib, in the heart of Dublin City, 42 Parnell Square West, has been entertaining Dublin children for almost six decades – Christmas 2015 saw the unveiling of the lovingly restored Crib, which underwent three months painstaking refurbishment by a team of carpenters and craftsmen in 2015.

The Crib was set up in 1956, when Fr. Louis Coffey had an idea. He wanted to bring the Bible alive for the children of Ireland, but with a Christmas focus and using, what was at the time, quite advanced mechanical figures. After much thought, discussions and planning The Moving Crib was born.

In the first year, the attraction was literally the crib scene, with a stable and moving figures which itself attracted one hundred thousand visitors at one time.

As the Moving Crib proved so popular and attractive it was expanded to its current size over the next few years.  Frank Pringle was the master craftsman who built all the scenes, including a magnificent Noah’s ark. Another contributor in more recent times was Cormac Larkin, the renowned Dublin artist. He painted the background to later scenes and repainted some of the older scenes.

During the 2015 refurbishment, one hundred and fifty litres of the finest oil paints, hundreds of metres of wood panelling and thousands of nails, screws and hooks were all utilised on over 70 mechanical moving figurines, twenty-five moving animal characters as well as a twenty foot ‘Noah’s Ark’ to ensure this Dublin landmark is as captivating today as it was when it first opened its doors.

The only one of its kind built in Ireland, the Moving Crib is a historical and entertaining experience that winds its way downstairs in the stunning Georgian building.  Once downstairs, you are greeted with a montage of many historical & fun stories, including Noah’s Ark, Moses, Bethlehem and The Wise Men which are all sure to engage your little ones on the journey through to the Crib itself.

The Moving Crib, the mention of which always evokes a smile and fond memories of Dublin in the ‘rare auld times’ is the only one of its kind built in Ireland (if not the world); it is a historical and entertaining experience

Take a virtual tour of what The Moving Crib looks like now below!

Just click the arrows pointing in the direction you would like to go and drag the screen around for the full interactive experience!

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