History of The Moving Crib

The Moving Crib, located at 42 Parnell Square West in Dublin City, has been a beloved attraction for over sixty years, entertaining children during the festive season. The brainchild of Fr. Louis Coffey in 1956, the Crib was meticulously restored in 2015, showcasing advanced mechanical figures and scenes from the Bible. The refurbishment involved significant craftsmanship and dedication, resulting in a captivating experience for visitors. With its unique charm and historical significance, the Moving Crib remains a cherished Dublin landmark, offering a delightful journey through biblical and historical tales for all to enjoy.

Video and audio footage from the RTE Archives of original coverage of The Moving Crib, visit the bottom of this page to see what
The Moving Crib looks like in more recent years.


The Moving Crib, in the heart of Dublin City, 42 Parnell Square West, has been entertaining Dublin children for over six decades – Christmas 2015 saw the unveiling of the lovingly restored Crib, which underwent three months of painstaking refurbishment by a team of carpenters and craftsmen in 2015.

Set Up

In 1956, Fr. Louis Coffey envisioned bringing the Bible to life for children in Ireland through the creation of The Moving Crib, incorporating advanced mechanical figures with a Christmas theme. Initially featuring a simple stable scene, the attraction quickly grew in popularity, drawing a staggering one hundred thousand visitors in its first year. Expansion over subsequent years, led by master craftsman Frank Pringle, saw the addition of intricately crafted scenes, including a remarkable Noah’s ark. Notable contributions by artists like Cormac Larkin further enhanced the visual storytelling of the Moving Crib, solidifying its status as a beloved Dublin tradition.


The 2015 refurbishment of The Moving Crib involved significant effort and resources, with over 70 mechanical figures, 25 animal characters, and a grand ‘Noah’s Ark’ receiving meticulous attention and enhancement to maintain the attraction’s captivating charm. As the sole one of its kind in Ireland, The Moving Crib offers a unique historical and entertaining adventure, guiding visitors through beloved biblical tales and engaging narratives. Nestled in a stunning Georgian building in Dublin, this cherished landmark continues to evoke fond memories and smiles, ensuring a timeless and unforgettable experience for all.

Take a virtual tour of what The Moving Crib looks like now below!

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