• 42 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1
  • +353 (0) 1 874 5465

Our Oratory & Mass

Oratory and Mass Times

*Please note: From Monday July 3rd until Monday September 18th there will only be one Mass celebrated daily at 1.00pm. We regret any inconvenience caused. 

In the frenetic heart of the city, only a stone’s throw from the Rotunda Hospital, is a quiet haven of peace and tranquillity. The St Martin Apostolate Oratory is a place to sit and reflect, where you can pray or just gather your thoughts.


Opened in 1977, when the Apostolate moved to 42 Parnell Square, the dedicated Oratory was created to provide a permanent place of intimate and personal worship for all who needed to seek comfort, solace or to give thanks.

  We are delighted to announce the opening of our New Oratory – it is open all day Monday to Friday – 9.30am through to 5.45pm. All are welcome.


The Oratory is served by local Priests of St. Saviour’s parish and Mass is celebrated twice daily Monday to Thursday and once on Fridays.

Mass Times:

Mass is celebrated in our Oratory at 42 Parnell Square, Dublin 1 at the following times:

1pm – Monday to Friday and 5.15pm, Monday to Thursday.

Mass is celebrated by local Priests from St. Saviour’s parish.