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Many supporters of St Martin Apostolate have given generously over the years and now, more than ever, we value all of your support. Thank You!


Pope Pius XII – ‘of all the works of the Catholic Church there is none greater, more noble, or more holy than the work of the Foreign Missions, for there is none so poor, so naked, or so hungry as they who know not God.’

It is something of a paradox that today, our mission has extended to include our own country and places nearer home. Technology has enabled us to make more contact with others and yet there is a growth in the ‘cult of the individual’. The rise of secularism has led to a separation from God and a belief that as humans ‘we are all powerful and all knowing’.


People are no longer taught about the word of God, or they believe it is irrelevant and as such, can be disregarded. The challenge facing those who are dedicated to promoting and preaching the gospel is greater now than it has ever been and these challenges can only be overcome with your assistance.


Please consider supporting our Missions by donating what you can today!

No donation is too small, you do not need to be a member of Paypal and you will have a very special place in the prayers of the Dominican Order.