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The Greatest Teacher

The Greatest Teacher There is a well-known saying which goes as follows , ‘If you want to feed me today, give me rice.   If you want to feed me for the rest of my life, teach me how to grow rice.’ The long-term goal is education, and it is the teacher who is at the… Read More

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Giving Prisoners Hope As I write this the Annual Conference of the Association of Prison Officers are meeting in Sligo and some of the issues that have arisen were a subject of a news report headline. While I listened, I was further reinforced in my view that there are few things in life worse than the prospect… Read More

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Looking Forward: Advent & Christmas

  For many years, and I can remember it well, there was a great tradition in Ireland of the pre-Christmas shopping season beginning on the Holy Day, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. People from all over the country would descend on Dublin and there was a real sense that the Festive Celebrations… Read More

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Anne Frank – A Legacy

Most of us have heard of Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl, the best known and most widely read book of the Holocaust.  Its author is regarded as a symbol of the one million Jewish children who were murdered because of Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution to what he considered the Jewish Problem. Anne’s… Read More

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Violence on the Hill

Last week the world reacted in shocked amazement as an angry mob stormed in Washington and managed to enter and rampage in its hallowed halls.  Some even emerged with ‘souvenirs’! The first thing to note is that not every person who turned out to march that day intended such actions to take place, indeed many… Read More