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Cancer, the very word in itself is enough to strike fear in the hearts of us all.  Almost every one

On January 27, 1945 the notorious Nazi death camp at Auschwitz was liberated by Soviet forces.  On

Just last week when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they would be taking a “step back”

Different Ways to spend Christmas People are different, but at Christmas, there is somewhat of an expectation

December the 8th is a holy day and was once the biggest Shopping Day of the year.  It was traditional

First of December; First Sunday of Advent This Sunday marks a lot of Firsts… yes the first day of

Former President sparks Controversy There has been a lot of controversy in the media lately over remarks

Peak time for depression Recently I was listening to the song ‘Love Shine A Light’ by Katrina and

Who are the people we look up to? In life who are the people we look up to and who influence us the

November 1st – All Saints Day All Saints Day, celebrated on November 1st commemorates all the

October The Special month for the Missions. Two years ago on World Mission Sunday, Pope Francis said:

Gospel Conversations by Desmond O’Donnell, OMI is available from Dominican Publications for just €9.99

St Therese, the ‘Little Flower’ of Lisieux St Therese of Lisieux, the ‘little flower’ is remembered

Life as a Dominican Student Priest For over 800 years the Order of Preachers, the Dominicans have been

If there is a Heaven will Animals be there? Recently one of my friends was telling me about how much

Hinduism – worshipping one God in many forms On Monday morning last I went to 7.25am Mass in my local