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In Town Before Christmas

  Image: When visiting the center of Dublin at this time of the year we all know we can expect crowds, and we have been told that after two years of Covid restrictions there will be a great swell of people converging on the city. This was in my mind when I went in… Read More

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Keeping the Crib in Christmas

Image: Br Sean Blackwell The crib in Bethlehem is what Christmas is all about, although with every year that passes it seems that this truth is becoming more and more blurred.  We are becoming increasingly aware of the ways in which the Season has become a time for overspending and overindulging, and much has been… Read More

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Looking Forward: Advent & Christmas

  For many years, and I can remember it well, there was a great tradition in Ireland of the pre-Christmas shopping season beginning on the Holy Day, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. People from all over the country would descend on Dublin and there was a real sense that the Festive Celebrations… Read More

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Christmas with Covid

One morning this week while listening to the radio I heard a news report broadcast from Dublin Airport.  The people interviewed were describing how different their workplace looked this year.  The crowds which usually pass through their portals at Christmas have dwindled, all as a result of the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.   One woman explained… Read More

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From Advent to Lent

Last Sunday, November 29 marked the beginning of Advent, the first of twenty-five days when we get ready for the great event of Christ’s birth.  The word itself has its roots in the Latin, adventus which translates as ‘arrival’, from advenire – ad meaning ‘to’ and venire– ‘come’.  Advent is a time of spiritual preparation… Read More

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Living with Hope

Living With Hope For the first time this week, the news in relation to Covid-19 was positive as it seems the possibility of a vaccine is now looking likely and there was a cautious optimism expressed by interviewees on the radio.  This, allied with the victory of Joe Biden in America proved the truth of… Read More