Saint Anthony Gold Medal

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  • 17mm diameter
  • Perfect gift or keepsake
  • Lovely addition to chain or pin
  • Gold Plated

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Saint Anthony Gold Plated Medal

Wear this lovely Saint Anthony Gold Plated Medal Pendant close to your heart by fixing to a chain or pin.

Saint Anthony is a very popular saint who is known to help people find lost items. His miracles have won him affection and great respect among Christians and non-Christians alike. Saint Anthony is known as the Saint to turn to for many reasons, the main one being to invoke him to help when one has lost something, however he is also known as

  • The Saint of Miracles
  • Doctor of the Church
  • Patron of the Poor

This pendant is approximately 17mm in diameter and gold plated. It would make a beautiful gift for somebody or a keepsake for oneself.



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