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Learn more about St. Martin de Porres.

St. Martin de Porres was born in Lima, Peru, on December 9, 1579 to Don Juan de Porres, a Spanish nobleman and adventurer, and Ana Velasquez, a freed daughter of slaves from Panama…


Learn more about St. Martin Apostolate here in Dublin.

The St. Martin Apostolate’s prelude came in the mid-19th Century, when it was determined that a new Church was needed in Dominick Street…


The History of the Moving Crib

In 1956, Fr. Louis Coffey had an idea. He wanted to bring the Bible alive for the children of Ireland, but with a Christmas focus and using, what was at the time, quite advanced mechanical figures. After much thought, discussions and planning The Moving Crib was born…

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The Story of the Garden of Eden

Throughout the Bible and other readings, we hear of amazing tales from the Garden of Eden. It is believed to have been a beautiful place, full of animals and plants…


About the Dominican Order

The Domincan Order, founded by Saint Dominic in the early 13th century, is one of the great mendicant orders of friars that revolutionized religious life in Europe during the high middle ages.


The Jubilee – 800 years of the Dominican Order

800 years ago, Saint Dominic Guzman introduced the grace of Dominican life into the world