Thy Will Be Done – A Small Book of Prayer

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Thy Will be Done – A Small Book of Prayer

By Fran Godfrey


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Thy Will be Done – A Small Book of Prayer

Thy Will be Done – A Small Book of Prayer By Fran Godfrey

Fran Godfrey explains in his introduction what his understanding of prayer is. He believes that we prayer should be included in everything we do all day, every day and not just once or twice daily.

Author’s note:

“I think some people regard prayer as something you ‘do’ once or twice a day, like cleaning your teeth. Once it’s done, it’s done and you can get on with the next thing. I believe that prayer is something which should be woven like a fine thread through everything you do all day, every day. The lines of communication to God should never be closed.

I also believe that the very essence of prayer is the acceptance of God’s will. Most of us pray for many things, and maybe we are disappointed at times when our prayers appear not to be answered. We should acknowledge the majesty of our Creator by ending very prayer of petition with the words “Thy will be done”. As long as we really mean that, inner peace will always result. Always.”

This book includes prayers for:

  • Worship/ Adoration
  • Praise
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Contrition
  • Sorrow/ Grief
  • Joy
  • Thanks
  • In times of sickness or pain
  • At times of worry of fear
  • For wisdom
  • For peace
  • For Loved ones
  • On bereavement
  • Before Holy Mass
  • After Holy Mass
  • Before Confession
  • After Confession
  • To the Holy Spirit
  • To Our Lady
  • To Saint Peter
  • Morning Prayer
  • Night Prayer

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