Our Mission

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

St Martin Apostolate’s mission aims to assist Catholics in the practice and development of their faith in their everyday lives. From this it is hoped will come a dedication to the establishment of a society which values peace and justice. The Gospels and the social teaching of the Catholic Church challenges us to act on behalf of the poor and those who are marginalised, like the homeless; to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by imitating his concern and compassion to all we meet.

It was out of mercy and love for his fellow human beings that Dominic founded the Order of Preachers over 800 years ago and today St Martin Apostolate supports them in their work at home and abroad, as well as helping other charities who are dedicated to enabling and enhancing the lives of others less fortunate. Renowned for his intercession for the sick, St Martin continues to inspire and calls us to facilitate the betterment of the lives of our sisters and brothers in Christ.

It is our mission to spread the word of our Lord, Jesus Christ, to spread the words of Saint Martin de Porres, to help others through our charitable works and to raise funds and awareness of the Dominican Order of Preachers


Some of the charities that Saint Martin Apostolate has supported and continue to support: 


Links:Just some of the charities that we support here at Saint Martin Apostolate include Trocaire, Focus Ireland, Concern, Alone and the Homeless Street Cafe