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The Dominican Friars

The activities, work and ministry of the Dominican Order in Ireland are varied, and they are involved in many Apostolates throughout the Country. The Irish province of the Order has friars engaged in the teaching of philosophy, theology and biblical studies in their academic centres in Dublin and Limerick. Other members of the province are engaged in post-graduate studies at home and abroad in centres such as Oxford, Rome and Jerusalem.

Many of our friars participate in pastoral care and some are working in media and publishing, while others conduct retreats and missions at home and overseas.

A large proportion of the Dominican Orders’ work is dedicated to providing local communities around the country with sacramental services (particularly the celebration of the Eucharist and the provision of the Sacrament of Reconciliation). Dominicans provide parish ministry in some dioceses in Ireland and supply some friars to hospitals, prisons, schools, universities and the defence forces. The Order have their own web site where you can discover much more about the Dominican Order in Ireland www.dominicans.ie

The Dominican Sisters see their mission as seeking out truth and beauty wherever they are to be found. www.dominicannuns.ie


 The Dominican Nuns


They preach the Word of God through their work in the areas of Education, Ecology and Justice as well as Chaplaincy; Therapy; Care; Family Support; Retreat Work; Prayer Ministry; Reconciliation and Peace Building; Interreligious Dialogue; Hospitality and Support to those who have come to Ireland from other countries. They also engage in pastoral work in the wider community

This work is carried out across regions in Ireland, South Africa, Portugal, North America (Louisiana), Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. The Sisters study, share, proclaim and witness to the liberating word of God that right relations be restored between God, people and the earth where these are broken due to lack of knowledge and distortion of the Truth.

The worldwide Dominican family endeavour to centre their lives on the Word of God. The friars, sisters and laity of the Order preach the name of the Lord Jesus throughout the world, while the nuns seek, ponder and call upon Him in solitude, so that the word proceeding from the mouth of God may not return to Him empty, but may accomplish those things for which it was sent.