Quarterly Prize Draw

St. Martin Apostolate run four quarterly Prize Draws in Ireland and four in the UK. It does not matter where you live, you can now enter these draws online. If you enter our draws, your entry will enrol you as a member of St. Martin Apostolate. We will send you your membership number with your draw tickets and will remind you about future draws and news from our missions.



The top prizes are fantastic – €2,000 per draw in Ireland and £1,000 for each draw in the UK. With ten prize winners in each draw, you have a great chance to win and support a fantastic cause!  (10th prize €150 or £100).


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You can Support Us over the phone
by calling (01) 874 5465 (ROI)
or +353 1 874 5465

Email – info@stmartin.ie

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candleLight A Candle
You can now ‘Light A Candle’ with your own special intention on our site.


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Submit Your Prayer Intentions
Submit Your Prayer Intentions at any time. We moderate these prayers and approve each intention personally. This may take a day or two so please bear with us.


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We are constantly seeking supporters to Volunteer their personal skills to support St. Martin Apostolate. You might have office skills or be a fantastic Artist, a Graphic Designer or simply someone with a little spare time and a willingness to help. If so, please contact us via our Volunteer Section.


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candleReligious Goods
So many people have asked us for this on-line shop. We will be improving the images, the Offers and the Services on our Store over the coming weeks and months. Please do check out the amazing Special Offers.


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candleEnter Prize Draw
We hold eight amazing Prize Draws each year (4 in Ireland and 4 in the UK). The prize funds, with just 10 winners in each, can be as much as €4,500. Tickets are €0.70c or £0.50p each. Great Value for money and a great chance to win.



Prize Draw (For Members)

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Helping us to help others! The St Martin Apostolate’s ever popular Members quarterly draws have been running for decades and are as popular now as ever!


Help St MartinWe run 4 draws over the course of the year – in Spring, Summer and Autumn, and of course at Christmas. We run separate draws for Ireland (in euros) and the UK (in pounds), so really we run 8 Draws a year, with even more chances to win!
There are 10 cash winners in each draw, with a top prize of €2,000 / £1,000. As well as those who directly enter the draw, we are assisted by our army of promoters. In addition to the main prizes, there are sellers’ prizes for each draw too, with the top sellers’ prize being €350/£250.


A draw ticket consists of a panel of 12 entries, at 70c/50p per panel. If you fill the sheet, you get two panels for free – a full sheet costs €7.00/£5.00.


If you’d like to enter the draw: fill out the form above, and we’ll send you a Draw Entry form in the post.



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As well as being a popular and fun attraction for members and supporters of St Martin Apostolate, the draws have played a central role over the years in generating much-needed funds, helping us to deliver on our Missions – Preaching The Word of God, Spreading the word of St. Martin, Encouraging Prayer and Fundraising for Charitable causes and the Missions.


Only members can participate in the draw. To become a member, please fill out the form above. There are no further obligations to membership.


Times Past

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Fr. Coffey used to like to have some fun with the draw, as can be seen from the copy of this ticket_84draw ticket from Christmas 1984.


The 4th prize in the draw was a “Loan of a Wheelbarrow for 3 hrs…. or £25”!


And the 10th prize was a “Christmas Cake, no icing, no fruit and half-baked… or £20”!


Things have progressed, and now there are solid cash prizes!