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for autistic grandson
Submitted By:elizabeth davies
Prayer Request:Please my heart breaks for my grandson Shane who is 14 now and has high level autism. He has had behaviour problems and has ran away and refuses to obey any rules that are normal and reasonable. Autism is high level so he is very clever but he does not seem to see things in a normal way. He can be so kind and is popular in his own little way. I pray for no less than a miracle as he needs a miracle. He has a very grown up side to him and i fear this old world is just too hard for him to handle. Please pray hard for Shane he has fine qualities , I pray Gods Angels will be with him and he will get to know the lord. God is my answer I have had many amazing graces through Jesus but I want my loved ones to know Gods grace. This is my humble prayer as i feel so empty when i see children with problems that are hard to treat. God can do anything so I offer my whole life to God and pray my loved ones will be saved through my faith. That so hurts that I cannot share the peace and love of God with my family as I was saved at the age of 15 myself in a miraculous way. I ask from my heart and my heart is heavy. Thankyou Elizabeth.




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