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Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please can I get a much needed. P/t job & please can my two sons get holiday jobs they need to work badly, ease keep them in their summer jobs. Can I ge yt this l p/t job in u college can i fly through the basic maths & english tests but i am so out of practice please help me do what I can i need this job badly & love it & do the further course if necessary. Please can mum 'a ear operation go v well tomorrow after noon & help my mother's health to improve she has soo much wrong with her. Look after my husband I think this job he has is a Godsend, help relationships between mark & his boss D P, they used to be business partners so a bit humus ting for my husband and help the dust levels not to be too bad in the workshop. Again please pray my boys will get much needed jobs, I couldn't bear them lying around this summer. Help M & G with the horrible affliction of alopecia totallis in this heat. Please guide me can I get Anna an excellent tutor, that she likes, she needs one. help restore the peace between me & my sitster & daughter over this latest incident help me to be assertive & not let this happen to my daughter again, protect her and help her not to have hate for m or anyone. please can we get jobs & get a week away some where. So v diss appointed I didn 't get my job please plse can I get another one & just shake off my mistakes. Help me or will you find nice summer jobs for my 2 sons they need to learn about work. My husband needs a holiday help me to find something affordable help relationships with my sisters ii need to forgive them & try harder but I am miserable please all pray I lift my spirits for my families sake help mum soo I'll help my relationship with mum, help Sio & Paul's relationship is it leading anywhere don't let Sio get hurt or P we please cann M & I have a happy day tomorrow as we celebrate 21 yes of marriage u know the dreadful argument I hate with m last night no
More plse help m. & m to have some joy in that flat Amen




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