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Honouring my Father
Submitted By:Fi Dodd
Prayer Request:Thank you for listening to my desperate request. I am in need of a miracle.
My father is elderly and very frail, disabled by physical and neurodegenerative diseases. Over the last years I have cared for him as much as I can but his needs are so great that he requires full time care in a safe adapted home which I am unable to provide. I promised my mother on her deathbed that I would look after my father and I am on my knees in desperation that I cannot. He wishes to return to his homeland Ireland to spend his last days there and I need intercession to help make this happen to provide him with a safe adapted home where I can care for him as he starts to disappear from his dementia. I know that this home with adapted garden along with my unending love and care would provide him with the dignity he deserves in his last days. I was born to be a carer and am disappointed that I cannot provide him with a suitable environment to honour him as in the time he has left. Please pray for us, for the miracle to help me provide a way to serve him in a safe comfortable adapted home in his last days. Forever in your debt. Thank you




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