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Mild depression
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for me that I stop ringing help lines and out my trust in God. Please plse can I stick and make a success of this singing group and see can my sisters not join in this one I need to walk & be with & make new friends. Help my relationship with my mum & sisters can the bad feeling stop. Help joe who wants to change his uni course, if possible can he stick with maths it is such a brilliant degree, help s please can he do enough to be kept on in his sixth firm. Watch over my daughter help her to progress academically help me to find her a v good tutor. Help m health & thank you for the wonderful news he has the all clear. Help me to find suitable employment & keep going help mum's health to improve. Help S to get a good place on a Btech somewhere where he will be content & happy guide him help me plse please to forget B & the pain he has caused me plse can I love my husband over him u know how hard it is please take my pain away can I have all my love. & energy for M & my children look after us 3 safe journey to Ireland today & a happy holiday for us all & good friends to share our lives with help me in my new job please to make a go of it please can I be more than able & v happy in my new job help me to get on with P & my senior LSA’s I have lost an awful lot of self confidence help me pulse in my new job to be v good at it pulse help my husbands health to improve can my son be happy at u college & STop taking mild drugs & smoking thank u all pulse prayer for me Amen




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