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Relationship with my first son & child
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please all reading this pray for the healing & restoration of my relationship with my oldest son j, can he go back happy to uni and a bit less selfish. Can we have a happy Easter & can my relationship with mum be great again help the peace among all my sisters. I feel I am become someone they all envy. & r a bit jealous of please can there be healthy peace among us all again, help m to have no cancer whatsoever help Me to look after him better & help to cope with my own health & well being. Please guide me into a suitable p/t job & please help daughter's confirmation on 6 may to be a happy family occasion I am getting stressed about the after party etc, please can we have some nice friends /neighbours call in, & it not just be family, as this can lead to stress & arguments.please can my daughters friend come that evening for my daughters sake & a happy memory be made. Much More important can it mean something to Anna can she keep her faith, & can my 2 sons come back to their faith &Mass, & my 4 my husbands conversion if be Gods will, help my mothers awful pains to go away, can she be well & improve her quality of life has been v bad for these past few years, help her to cope with her ever changing medication & can the doctors get it right. Help me to do what I know must much more exercise & better diet to control this mild depression I have had 4 a long time now. Amen




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