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Better marriage
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray I am able to love my husband more help my lovely 3 children please watch over us hep me go get them off their mobile phones. Thank u for so many blessings help me to know if we should move. Please can j be able for his uni zinc not to get ill that horrible illness he had in his early years. Help my daughter to be happy I feel sad that she wants to change schools can she be v happy where she is. help mum to improve and the horrible argument I had with mum please can she forget it please intercede. Help dud b going to my she doesn t want to go. Help mum s to manage her awful pain , help us all in our leisure time as a family I get so tired. Help my friend G to be positive and get through her cancer treatment. Help me to get s proper pt job. Thanks h help my cousin to cope with her alopecia t and my sisters to be able to cope with this horrible condition. Help a and g and all who r widowed. Amen help my brother & his family amen




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