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the things in my heart
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Dear Lord and Good St Martin, you know what I want and what I need. Please help me to improve my diet and get more sleep, can i get a suitable p/t job, I am concerned that this job I am taking is not right for me and I don't really want to start it and mess myself and everyone else around, help me to get into the Nationw if possible help me with my CV tomorrow. Help my mother she is getting lonely I know, it has been difficult for her please help her get a good cleaner as we are all finding it tough constantly around her flat.but TG she does get lots of help from her children, but there is no one else coming. Help M to stay well and get a good deep nights sleep tonight and me and for peace among all my sisters and my family and my children. Please pray for my oldest boy at uni he is v sensitive, he has not been having a good time of it lately, please look after him for me, please can he be happy I hate to know that he is not happy, and he is not. please, can S pass his mock A-levels, help him he has one tomorrow and then on Thursday, English please can he do well and be happy in this good sixth form. Help my daughter she is only 13 and saying she is having anxiety attacks, please put your arms around this very gently soul and help me to get the right help for her, please please also can I get her English tutor I have been meaning to do this for years. Help me not to get depressed but to keep busy and get a lot fitter. Thank you for soo many Blessings, please can I have the house looking lovely when my cousins come over for St Patrick's day shortly, and can we all have a v happy visit & reunion. Help me to keep the house much tidier I get so down and find it hard to keep tidy, please can the children do more to help me. Please help me to cope much better and taken an interest in our pet puppy dog, she is hard work I didn't realize just how much but St Martin you were soo good to all the animals. Let me know if u want me to change my daughters school, I hope not please can she choose the right subjects for herself, and please can her hair never fall out I don't think we could take it, or my boys, and please help my sisters to cope with their hair loss and help me to always be much more generous and compassionate to them. Please also can we pay off our debts and manage a nice holiday this year, m looks so exhausted I believe he needs a holiday in the sun desperately. Please hear and grant my requests, and help my self-confidence to grow I am so down all the time and lacking terribly in inner self-confidence.
Thanks please all keep me in your prayers and thank you for praying for me. P.S.please also watch over my lovely brother and his family and help my older sister and her son who have and have had such a lot of problems.




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