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please pray for work horses skin problems
Submitted By:suzanne o'meara
Prayer Request:please pray for some local work police horses . Misty has a bad skin rash looks painful - she has white face . the rash is some at right eye & most at muzzle, mouth , nostrils - worse this year than last . looks like a type of eczema , with round red open bad sores in the rash & now in the nostrils looks too red as well . she has some herbal gels |& ointments . she needs also more consideration & care to be stabled early before midday on hot days & another shade top is needed for the small paddock . the other horse is all white - he needs encouragement ,the benign melanoma under skin is much improved & 80% smaller than some yrs ago - but has to have gel applied several times daily .
thank-you sincerely.




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