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Health & relationships
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:St martin & all reading this please pray for my requests & I promise to set a bit more time to pray for all the requests please can my oldest son be v happy tomorrow could he get his A in his repeat maths? & please send him to a uni where he will be his happiest, help S keep him away from bad company & can he get the 6 form he will pick the most suitable subjects for him long term can he make some lovely friends like his older brother has V? for mum to be more independent & have some friends calling she has such bad health, & us all to be v generous in looking after her. I need some friends I have lost touch a bit. Help Leom & Ross's mother & an excellent relationship with my own mother it has been strained & a much needed appropriate job for myself. The success of our extension & please help me & us all to cope with this new puppy it is v hard work. Amen




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