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Health & peace & happiness in my family
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Thank you St Martin & anyone who prayed for me Joe did soo well in his retake gaining his uni of his choice but please watch over him he is struggling with his faith can he find his way gently back to you help me with my own stresses help me to be able to look after the dog & get a good p/t job please ASAP please guide me I feel like I'm going mad sometimes their is danger of me doing to much for the children & I am exhausted mentally as well. Sean's GCSEs results r out tomorrow I gzve all my trust in you s. Martin please u know all the circumstances around Sean plse can he get the tight suxth firm ' study the right choices can he have done well plse can he not want the local non catholic sixth form anymore he is mad to go there & it would be convenient but that is no reason u know what I want & I just hope it is for Sean's good help me plse I am anxious please can we not be dissappointed tomorrow morning if at all possible can we make a day in walsingham Help mum to be a bit more Able help us all in looking after her make us evermore generous. Plse can we get our money back on this extension I wouldn't t have gone through it if it wasn't for mum can it enhance our life & can we get a suitable person to rent from us. (John) ? Only if he wants to help us & especially mum to cope with the heat. Thank you for soo any Blessings plse help my back to heal & keep depression away from me & my family & all my sisters & mother. Help my brother on his long cycle to Wales keep him safe can mark get a bit fitter & better at cycling I am making this too long! Plse continue to pray for me & help Cath to get better she has suspected flu & a v bad chest infection. Keep J safe at his music festival he has not been well & is not taking the tablets the doctor gave him as he wants to have z drink at thus festival plse can he not drink too much & be sensible help my goddaughter starting a new life in Bristol, & Nancy with her sixth form, Amen (husbands/boyfriends companions for my sisters)




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