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Mothers health & family
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please help my mother's health to improve. Can j come to faith & M HELP Anna' s health & asthma to improve help M asthma to improve & for her dad to stop smoking, please help Sean to study it is vital now with his exams over the next two months& please help J to get his A* in his repeat maths & get Luni if for his happiness, help me to get a more suitable job, perhaps something online would be my dream so I can remain at home for my family. Help my marriage please put a sparkle in it, & help all struggling marriages, please Bless my dear family & my mother with a few more good friends & can my children all make & have well suitable friends to see them through life. Help Clare to recover from cancer if, at all possible, she has been told it is terminal help her husband & young children to cope. Thank you please can my back be OK it worries me I have a constant niggling pain. Men thank you for so many Blessings




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