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Happiness for my children
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please can my son S be happy he has been so unhappy & is under a lot of pressure in school . Help him with his mocks during these next two weeks. Please help joe cope with his brace. Help the family if that poor 18 yr old boy I just saw on the internet who has cancer. Help me & all my family to cope early tomorrow morning. I am soo tired. Please pray for me I start a new job on Monday. Can I make some much needed friends & fit in this place. Please all pray for my lovely husband he has started a. Ew very demanding g job. He doesn't t know if he has the health for it. Please guide us both & if possible or can I we get a business going from home. Help my husband with his dizzy spells. Can I look after him much more I ha e certainly neglected him & his health o Sr. The years. Hell mum s health to improve & her quality of life to get a. It. Egged. Please help joe get a good offer of a uni place & can be be less lazy. Help dear Sean & the now battle I have getting him to Mass. Please help anna & sean to her ome their asthma & eat much better. Help me when I get depressed & to be able to sleep better. Help all my sisters who suffer with depression. Help G cope with her total hair loss. Help my brother & his family to have Health & happiness. Help my marriage to improve & help me to make some good friends. I have lost co ta t & become a bit withdrawn. & can mum get some good friends of d friends dis go make co ta t with her. Please keep the peace in our family there have been some terrible arguments.




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