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Marriage & families intentions
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Please pray for my marriage to be strengthens & our love to grow much stronger.Please can my son get into St D's Sixth form, & please pray that he will have some good friends to see him through his last year of his school. He has been so unhappy on his own which is heartbreaking. I'm praying that he will do well & be happy. He is a good child. Please pray for the peace to be kept between my sisters & I & for my poor mum's health to improve. Also can I fully forgive my brother & can it go back to the good friendship we have always had. Please help my older sister she had had huge problems & has money problems. Please pray for my sisters & their fairly new romances , Please pray for the best suit ins all round. They both deserve some happiness also pray for one of my sisters coping with an on going medical problem & also has quite bad depression. Help us all cope as depression certainly is in the family , Thank all who are & will join with me in praying for this. Please also pray my husbands home business will take off he can not go on working the way he is. His health is suffering & he does not look well. Thank you Amen A




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