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Health & friends
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:For health 0f my family. My mothers health to improve. Can joe be able to get & b happy in this job he has an interview this Monday. Please guide Sean into the right sixth form where he will be happy & study the right subjects. Help Anna overcome her asthma & Sean & hoes health & diet to improve. Help my struggling& v dull marriage at Gomes to improve. Please can I get a job I will be v happy in & Bless myself & my husband with some good friends & all my children to have some v good friends we need them. For mg mothers health to improve for my husbands health & can Mark be v happy & able for his new job & can they want him back whrr he is as he is contracting. Happiness for my sisters & good husbands. For forgiveness & peace among my mother myself & my sisters & for our house situation. Make it clear Lord help us to also be very patient please all pray for me who read this I get so down at times with everything. Help also Megan s asthma & all sufferers. Thank you Amen




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