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Prayes request and thanks
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Thank you very much for everything here, ;
-That everything I asked for wrong is made a good thing for me;
-all my dreams come true;
-To achieve all my goals as urgently as possible and impossible;
-My happiness, health, peace, achievement, success and fame be the strongest of God's eternal,
beneficial, global / international, resounding, grandiose, powerful and all good and impossible and impossible;
-All the love and power of God possible and impossible in my life;
-Let us never fall into the trap of the enemy / in temptation;
-Only happiness and good things !!!!!!!!!!!
-May the universe conspire absurdly to the maximum In favor of my happiness and complete and endless accomplishment, for all that is most sacred !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Every miracle I need and deserve;
-I entrust all the injustices they have done and are doing to me !!!!!!!!
-all the cures that all i need!!!!!!!!
-That one day I have a companion and family of dreams!!!!!!!!!!!




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