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Urgent prayers
Submitted By:Anonymous
Prayer Request:Father I JESUS name I ask and pray that you will thwart every plan of shatc and icegtau that is working against Beth I the name of JESUS it is written the silver and gold is mi e says the Lord of hosts I decree and declare that Beth is the head and not the tail and that all her bills from now on will be reduced to half of what they have been forever and better still that Beth will o ly ha e to pay for her Ins where she lives at half the price forever what they are saying it should be and no other bills ,I pray all org people and play es will stop pick g on Beth and help her and gi e her the freehold of her property for free as she has lived there a lot g to e and it would be good for her so she can either send, let it one day or leave it as an inheritance thank you father thank you bless all a illion fold who say amen to all this prayer with faith and let Betty own one day all of pmfl and soo and start a world famous successful charity soon we need your oracle\\\'s we need your miracles and without delays ,complications s and without Co fusions for Betty and without anything g happiness to upset betty or ghit and without her losing anything or being disappointed abut anything either thank you father for your miracle less have come in JESUS ighty name amen




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