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Saint-Oliver-Plunkett- portrait

This week we celebrated the feast of St Oliver Plunkett, who when canonized in 1975, became the first

The news from the Vatican this week was a reminder that we are living in a unique period of history

Life after covid19

This week we saw the beginning of what is referred to as the opening up of our country. Hand in hand

carers-unsung heroes

Following the huge success of the High Hopes Choir and Choir of Age, David Brophy assembled a choir

love thy neighbour

Within the last two weeks the usual headlines regarding Covid-19 have been replaced by another huge

Fr Steve Klasek- Water gun

One day last week I noticed that the doors of my parish church were open so I decided to go in and see

St Pope John Paul II- cardinal

Pope St John Paul II was born one hundred years ago last Monday.  When future historians look back

Nursing at the frontline

All of us in Ireland and the rest of the world have been affected by the crisis of Covid-19, none more

elderly women playing domino

This week saw the lifting of the government’s restrictive ban on people aged over seventy. There has

Praying in times of crisis

The current unprecedented coronavirus crisis has affected all areas of life including church services. 

Earth globe

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement

Leaders helping hand

What do great leaders do?  They inspire confidence and trust; they are not afraid to flout the rules

Cross at sunset

This week we are preparing for Easter Sunday, the highest point in the Liturgical Calendar of the Church. 

On Tuesday of this week, Pope Francis asked if everyone in every country, regardless of their religious

As I write this our country, and indeed the rest of the world, is experiencing a set of circumstances,

Pope Pius XII

Beside my desk, in the office, I have two Noticeboards, one of which I just use for pictures I like,