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Are you suffering with your Mental Health or do you know somebody that is? Thankfully we are living

Religion in Schools While writing the blog last week on Christianity and Buddhism I realised how little

This Sunday sees the celebration of the birthday of Buddha according to the Gregorian calendar.  The

Freedom From Evil Spirits Mention the word exorcism and most people will probably think of the famous

Looking at the Liturgical Calendar this week one saint stood out for me – St Richard of Chichester. 

A Mid-Lent Reflection As I am writing this we are just half way through Lent and depending on your outlook

Religion and Young People Are you a young person aged between fifteen and twenty – nine?  If the

The book To Love and to be Loved by Desmond O’Donnell is an in-depth reflection on the deeper meaning

Did you notice anything unusual about some of the people you encountered on your travels on Wednesday

Confession is good for the soul Most of us at one time or another will have heard the expression ‘Confession

I recently learned that February 17, last Sunday, is the date on which National Random Acts of Kindness

Mention St Valentine and all sorts of images come to mind, red hearts, flowers, chocolates, messages

February 1st was originally a pagan festival marking the beginning of the new Season. It was known as

I have often heard older people say that the younger generation no longer seem to call their children

We are now in the third week of January 2019 and memories of Christmas are beginning to fade. Perhaps

At the heart of the Christmas, the message is the story of a family, the holy family of Nazareth, Jesus,