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Front Cover of the 1st ever edition of the St Martin Magazine (November 1952)

[su_column size=”4/5″]Since 1952, the Apostolate has published the monthly St. Martin Magazine. Printed in a small booklet format the magazine is packed with articles to help develop your understanding of, and to encourage your faith. Included are interesting articles on all aspects of life, news and views on important world events, helpful tips and articles for life, home and the garden. In short, it is a worthwhile easy-to-read magazine that millions of readers have enjoyed across the decades.


We publish the magazine to promote devotion to St. Martin, to instruct and encourage people in the practice of their faith and to generate funds for our mission of bringing the word of God to as many people as possible.  The St. Martin magazine is available through subscription and through many outlets across the country, from churches to post offices.


You Can Help?

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There are some areas for which availability of the magazine is scarce. If you find it difficult to source, would you consider becoming a promoter?


If you were to take six copies a month to sell and distribute to friends of St. Martin Magazine, it would be a great help and would make an enormous difference to our Mission. By getting it from you, readers would be sure of receiving it every month without fail. If each reader got just one new subscriber it would be a wonderful way to spread the gospel of the Good News.


Equally, do you know anyone who is elderly, infirm or for any other reason is not able to secure a copy for themselves? Perhaps you can help them by either subscribing for them or becoming a promoter and ensuring they receive their monthly copy.


If you would like more information on subscribing or becoming a promoter for the St. Martin Magazine, please call the magazine team on 01 874 5465  or email info@stmartin.ie


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