The many supporters of the St Martin Apostolate have given generously over the years and now more than ever we value your support.


The challenge facing those who are dedicated to promoting and preaching the gospel is greater now than it has ever been and these challenges can only be overcome with your assistance.



Would you consider setting up a regular donation to support our Mission?


By supporting our Mission, you will ensure that we are able to Preach The Gospel, Spread the word of God, Support Charitable Causes and encourage Vocations. Your assistance allows us to do all of this essential work. Please consider a regular donation if you can! Even the smallest donation will make a difference!



Our Monthly Magazine – St. Martin is a fantastic read and will lift your spirit when it arrives on your doorstep each month. Our magazine also helps us to achieve our primary Mission  to spread the Word of God!


Each magazine is full of interesting articles and not all are religious. We have a regular Gardening slot, History articles, Question & Answers and much, much more!



Helping us to help others! St Martin Apostolate’s ever popular Members quarterly draws have been running for decades and are as popular now as ever!


Irish Draw – First Prize is €2,000 (10 Prizes) and the tickets are only €0.70 per line or full card of 12 lines for €7.

UK / NI Draw – First Prize £1,000 (10 Prizes) and tickets are only £0.50 per line or a full card for £5.



We are always happy to have Volunteers assist us in any way you can. We would be delighted to chat with you about your particular skills so that we can help you to help others.


We are always seeking supporters and Volunteers to assist with Administration, Marketing, Sales, Promotions, Collection Boxes, Collectors and hopefully coming soon – Pilgrims.


The Dominican Order is well known all over Ireland and in many countries of the world. To do our work of preaching the gospel and achieve our Missions, we need not only spiritual but also financial support.


You might consider creating your own Legacy by supporting our important work with a donation from your estate. If you are planning on making a will, please do consider creating a lasting legacy which will benefit others.



We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Web Store where you will find many, many religious goods.


Our Monthly Special Offers Page is well worth a visit each month as we will be offering very attractive special offer deals for our supporters.




A lot of people don’t know that if you donate to St. Martin Apostolate, we can get an additional benefit from the Revenue. The process is simple and if you are a PAYE worker or Self Employed, we can get a tax benefit from your donation with NO Additional Cost to you!


Simply download the form, sign it and put your PPSN on it, then return it to us and we will do all the rest.