Lent Campaign Random Acts of Kindness Helping HandsThe Saint Martin Helping Hands campaign is encouraging everybody to try to do an act of kindness each day during Lent. Hold a door open for someone; help a person put out their bins; give up your seat on the bus or train; look in on a neighbour; visit someone; call someone for a chat; it only takes a small act of kindness to make the world a better place!  

Get involved by downloading the Helping Hands Sheet from the link below, share your acts of kindness with us on Facebook or Tweet us!

#LentChallenge #HelpingHands

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Helping Hands lent Campaign  helping hands lent campaign  helping hands lent campaignRandom-Acts-of-Kindness-for-Kids-1

The Aim of the Helping Hands Campaign

 ‘If everybody does a small act of kindness each day, there is no doubt, the world will become a better place overnight. We are asking that everybody in Ireland tries to do some good during Lent. We hope that people will get involved and then let us know about their Helping Hands and of course the more people involved, the better.’

‘This campaign is seeking to make some headway against all of the terrible atrocities taking place throughout the world and to show our national solidarity for those in need, those less fortunate than us and those who need friendship and community spirit back in their lives. i.e. all of us.  – Darragh Murphy, General Manager

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