Prayer is the longing of the soul. It is the daily admission of one’s weakness. Prayer is the exercise of drawing on the grace of God.

Listed below are prayers submitted by members and subscribers.

Request Title Date 
Health job family.04-22-2017View Details
Addiction to get help04-19-2017View Details
Restore relationship 04-19-2017View Details
Restoration of friendships04-17-2017View Details
Mild depression04-17-2017View Details
Employment 04-15-2017View Details
sale of site04-14-2017View Details
Relationship with my first son & child04-13-2017View Details
Good test results04-11-2017View Details
Prayers 04-11-2017View Details
for my family 04-11-2017View Details
baby04-10-2017View Details
Restore relationship 04-08-2017View Details
spiritual discernemnt04-08-2017View Details
Looking for a job.04-06-2017View Details
Help me get a good pt job and help my marriage04-05-2017View Details
special intention04-04-2017View Details
Prayer for my Mam04-04-2017View Details
Son has asthma04-02-2017View Details
Better marriage03-31-2017View Details
healing03-29-2017View Details
Hoping to concieve03-29-2017View Details
Faithful Departed03-29-2017View Details
Help for my grandson Alfie03-28-2017View Details
Prayer for daughter Emma03-28-2017View Details
Job03-27-2017View Details
Rent out house03-27-2017View Details
Peace03-24-2017View Details
Longing to have a baby.03-23-2017View Details
My son03-22-2017View Details
S03-21-2017View Details
job03-21-2017View Details
Help for my Son S03-20-2017View Details
Prayer Request For Family03-20-2017View Details
Health03-20-2017View Details
Health and Exams.03-18-2017View Details
Healing from Cancer03-17-2017View Details
Susan203-16-2017View Details
Assistant manager at phone store03-15-2017View Details
Susan03-14-2017View Details
Awaiting test results03-14-2017View Details
Health and happiness03-13-2017View Details
Pray 2 Chron 20;15-25 for DG and CG03-11-2017View Details
love03-11-2017View Details
Peaceful death 03-10-2017View Details
Speedy and Complete Healing for Dickson Martin Silva03-10-2017View Details
Urgent financial help03-09-2017View Details
Home03-08-2017View Details
Healing03-07-2017View Details
Passport Express03-07-2017View Details
pray for mydaughter in law03-05-2017View Details
health03-03-2017View Details
Help in sickness03-03-2017View Details
SK03-01-2017View Details
Health of my husband02-28-2017View Details
Graces for Religious Order02-26-2017View Details
For healing of cancer02-25-2017View Details
Susan02-23-2017View Details
Prayer for a safe and dependable car02-23-2017View Details
Debts paid in full02-23-2017View Details
Healing 02-23-2017View Details
My Prayers02-22-2017View Details
mother and baby02-21-2017View Details
Deceased02-20-2017View Details
Grandaughter02-20-2017View Details
financial assistance02-18-2017View Details
Susan02-16-2017View Details
Health02-16-2017View Details
Susan02-14-2017View Details
Job urgently required02-12-2017View Details
Conversion and Healing02-10-2017View Details
Family happiness02-09-2017View Details
waiting results of smear test02-09-2017View Details
For Ruairi Tynan my grandchild 6 months old02-06-2017View Details
surgery02-01-2017View Details
Find a suitable job02-01-2017View Details
Marriage02-01-2017View Details
the things in my heart01-31-2017View Details
Please save my mother and cure her cancer01-31-2017View Details
Special Intention01-28-2017View Details
Thanks01-28-2017View Details
Site for house 01-27-2017View Details
Please pray for my Son01-25-2017View Details
Marriage01-25-2017View Details
Prayers for Father Pat McAleenan01-22-2017View Details
health01-22-2017View Details
family01-22-2017View Details
Peace of mind for my son01-22-2017View Details
Bereavement01-21-2017View Details
Susan01-20-2017View Details
Test results01-19-2017View Details
Prayer for Forgiveness from God and God's blessing01-19-2017View Details
Susan01-14-2017View Details
Susan01-12-2017View Details
Health01-11-2017View Details
Healing prayer request01-10-2017View Details
to recieve and find work01-09-2017View Details
Strength and guidance01-07-2017View Details
Prayer for çonvicted young man01-02-2017View Details
Susan01-02-2017View Details
Susan01-02-2017View Details
Susan12-29-2016View Details
professional problem12-26-2016View Details
family healing & find love again12-24-2016View Details
jack healing and finances12-22-2016View Details
mam/nana12-21-2016View Details
Extremely urgent pleas12-20-2016View Details
Prayers for Alfie12-20-2016View Details
Prayers answered12-19-2016View Details
praying for all my loved ones at Christmas time.12-19-2016View Details
Susan12-18-2016View Details
Terminal illness comfort12-17-2016View Details
Susan12-16-2016View Details
Joey12-15-2016View Details
missing pets12-15-2016View Details
Susan12-14-2016View Details
Joey12-13-2016View Details
My baby's hearing 12-10-2016View Details
Lord Answer my Financial Prayer not later than December 15, 201612-09-2016View Details
Susan12-08-2016View Details
healing12-08-2016View Details
Court appeRance12-06-2016View Details
Susan12-06-2016View Details
For Shaun and for Linda 12-03-2016View Details
Susan12-03-2016View Details
Susan12-01-2016View Details
Susan12-01-2016View Details
My family11-30-2016View Details
Prayer for mother11-30-2016View Details
Susan11-26-2016View Details
PLEASE PRAY FOR KAYLA11-26-2016View Details
Susan11-23-2016View Details
For Special Intentions11-22-2016View Details
Susan11-22-2016View Details
Susan11-21-2016View Details
Prayer Request For family11-20-2016View Details
Susan11-19-2016View Details
gentle passing11-19-2016View Details
pray for my salon business11-17-2016View Details
Susan11-17-2016View Details
Susan11-15-2016View Details
Prayers for openness, surrender and deep trust.11-14-2016View Details
Assistance in obtaining a job11-14-2016View Details
Giving thanks11-14-2016View Details
pray for my life11-14-2016View Details
Susan11-13-2016View Details
For job11-12-2016View Details
Prayer Request For Family11-11-2016View Details
Susan11-10-2016View Details
Susan11-09-2016View Details
Health body11-09-2016View Details
Healing11-09-2016View Details
Health&Family11-07-2016View Details
R.I.P.11-06-2016View Details
Special Intention11-06-2016View Details
My son11-04-2016View Details
Request 11-03-2016View Details
Sick11-03-2016View Details
Healing of Body11-03-2016View Details
Prayer Request For Family11-02-2016View Details
holy souls 10-28-2016View Details
for my brother10-26-2016View Details
Good Health10-26-2016View Details
My dear mother10-25-2016View Details
Prayer Request For family10-25-2016View Details
prayer for my son10-24-2016View Details
health worries10-23-2016View Details
That text will show up clear and that I be ok 10-19-2016View Details
Diaconate course 10-19-2016View Details
Prayer Request For Family10-17-2016View Details
for my family10-14-2016View Details
Thanksgiving10-11-2016View Details
For my son to find a job10-10-2016View Details
Pray for mummy x10-10-2016View Details
Prayer request10-08-2016View Details
Prayers for America and the World10-08-2016View Details
Healing10-08-2016View Details
For me and my family10-07-2016View Details
Prayers for Special Graces09-28-2016View Details
health09-28-2016View Details
daughter09-25-2016View Details
blessing09-25-2016View Details
Please pray for derek09-23-2016View Details
Health09-22-2016View Details
special intentions for my family09-22-2016View Details
pray for a friend09-21-2016View Details
For a full recovery09-20-2016View Details
health, fincial help, and a partner09-19-2016View Details
Prayer for mummy 09-18-2016View Details
Help my sisters & my marriage & son to come off drugs09-17-2016View Details
My younger sisters09-17-2016View Details
That Genevieve may come back to her senses09-17-2016View Details
P/t. Work & confidence for waitrose09-17-2016View Details
Sick09-16-2016View Details
For them and me09-14-2016View Details
Prayer for the sick09-14-2016View Details
work09-12-2016View Details
house/home09-12-2016View Details
cancer also for jewellery I lost09-11-2016View Details
please pray for work horses skin problems09-07-2016View Details
Healing09-06-2016View Details
for my cousin Tony09-05-2016View Details
Children in the right schools09-01-2016View Details
Education09-01-2016View Details
Health09-01-2016View Details
Health Request09-01-2016View Details
painful illness08-29-2016View Details
Sickness of baby girl08-26-2016View Details
miracles for touch damianus a heart08-24-2016View Details
petition for my health08-23-2016View Details
Help with health08-22-2016View Details
Help with medical 08-22-2016View Details
Desperately need help - Pray for Me08-21-2016View Details
For a baby girl08-20-2016View Details
peace and healing08-18-2016View Details
Health & relationships08-17-2016View Details
request prayer for our dog Bono08-17-2016View Details
A miracle for a pass in maths repeat exam Monday & Tuesday08-16-2016View Details
Health & peace & happiness in my family08-15-2016View Details
Health08-14-2016View Details
Family Unity08-13-2016View Details
My daughter's job.08-12-2016View Details
undergoing a gastroscopy on 10 aug 201608-09-2016View Details
Mothers health08-05-2016View Details
Prayer for mother 08-02-2016View Details
Mrs H08-01-2016View Details
Employment08-01-2016View Details
Upcoming Operation07-31-2016View Details
for relief from back pain07-27-2016View Details
Conversion of my family07-25-2016View Details
please don't have skin cancer please 07-25-2016View Details
Poorly dog and for myself to be financially solvent07-22-2016View Details
healing in family07-21-2016View Details
Jimmy Borngesser07-21-2016View Details
Prayer Request For Family07-16-2016View Details
I pray that my daughter finds some good close friends07-16-2016View Details
please don't let uncle pat die07-15-2016View Details
For Those Affected in France07-15-2016View Details
Louise 07-12-2016View Details
Prayer for my husband07-12-2016View Details
Special Intentions07-10-2016View Details
health finances07-09-2016View Details
FAMILY07-08-2016View Details
healing 07-08-2016View Details
physical healing07-03-2016View Details
Prayers for Wellness07-02-2016View Details
Work 06-28-2016View Details
Successful Examination Results06-26-2016View Details
Health06-23-2016View Details
bleeding to stop06-21-2016View Details
PRAYER TO ST. MARTIN DE PORRES06-21-2016View Details
Please pray for my Dad06-20-2016View Details
First Anniversary of mums passing away 22 June 201606-20-2016View Details
Safe Holiday06-16-2016View Details
Special Intentions06-13-2016View Details
A Sick Priest06-12-2016View Details
Miracles for touch heart06-11-2016View Details
Please remember me 06-08-2016View Details
Exams06-08-2016View Details
Job Success06-06-2016View Details
For my permanent contract to come from the HSE06-06-2016View Details
health06-06-2016View Details
Please help my Grandson06-01-2016View Details
unemployment05-31-2016View Details
Prayer for children05-31-2016View Details
SUCCESSFUL OPERATION05-28-2016View Details
Stop drinking05-27-2016View Details
seeking employment05-23-2016View Details
sucess in finding a job05-23-2016View Details
help05-23-2016View Details
my son05-23-2016View Details
May Stromberg RIP05-22-2016View Details
Miracles for touch damianus aditya heart05-18-2016View Details
conversion05-18-2016View Details
marriage05-18-2016View Details
find suitable job05-07-2016View Details
Help05-02-2016View Details
good health for me and my family04-29-2016View Details
cancer also for jewellery I lost04-28-2016View Details
Good sixth form04-27-2016View Details
Seeking Employment04-26-2016View Details
6 form & health04-25-2016View Details
Prayer for my Family04-25-2016View Details
For All Victims04-22-2016View Details
healing04-21-2016View Details
Mothers health & family04-16-2016View Details
Money 04-12-2016View Details
Love04-12-2016View Details
Prayer for suitable employment 04-12-2016View Details
Healing04-11-2016View Details
family crisis04-09-2016View Details
House Trouble04-07-2016View Details
Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus04-05-2016View Details
For family04-03-2016View Details
Family help04-01-2016View Details
Prayer to find a Job04-01-2016View Details
My Fiancee03-31-2016View Details
My family 03-31-2016View Details
Healing03-29-2016View Details
Prayers for Deceased03-29-2016View Details
Special intentions03-28-2016View Details
love 03-28-2016View Details
Health 03-25-2016View Details
Sick people03-16-2016View Details
For good health03-16-2016View Details
Healing 03-13-2016View Details
Special Graces 03-12-2016View Details
Intention03-08-2016View Details
thanks03-08-2016View Details
For Man and Our World 03-07-2016View Details
Health 03-06-2016View Details
Special intention03-06-2016View Details
Special Intention03-05-2016View Details
For relief in sickness03-03-2016View Details
interview 03-03-2016View Details
good luck with interview03-02-2016View Details
work02-29-2016View Details
spiritual favour health material need02-29-2016View Details
Family Needs02-29-2016View Details
Special Intentions02-28-2016View Details
prayers answered02-25-2016View Details
please pray for my husband child and a happy home02-25-2016View Details
Healing for my brother from liver cancer 02-22-2016View Details
Peace and settlement02-19-2016View Details
family situations.02-18-2016View Details
My Family 02-14-2016View Details
Healing02-13-2016View Details
Thanks02-12-2016View Details
Other02-11-2016View Details
Do a good nterview02-08-2016View Details
Baby Kieron02-08-2016View Details
For Baby Kierin Minns02-04-2016View Details
Special Intention01-31-2016View Details
A more suitable job & happy children & sisters & brother & husba01-27-2016View Details
healing01-26-2016View Details
Special Favour at work01-26-2016View Details
prayer every day01-23-2016View Details
Pray for cure from cancer01-20-2016View Details
success01-19-2016View Details
cancer01-16-2016View Details
for deceased01-16-2016View Details
For Healing01-11-2016View Details
good health01-11-2016View Details
Healing and reconciliation in family01-11-2016View Details
Shari Hallettmy my daughter01-11-2016View Details
Special Intention01-06-2016View Details
To be good at job and be made permanent 01-04-2016View Details
Rodents getting in to house01-01-2016View Details
Health12-30-2015View Details
New baby12-29-2015View Details
Miracle Prayer12-24-2015View Details
For my son12-24-2015View Details
Help for my Son12-23-2015View Details
prays12-22-2015View Details
my family12-19-2015View Details
prayers for all my family 12-19-2015View Details
work12-17-2015View Details
find suitable employment12-17-2015View Details
truth12-16-2015View Details
For a baby girl12-15-2015View Details
work12-13-2015View Details
Health & Happiness12-12-2015View Details
For My Dad12-11-2015View Details
Request for Healing 12-10-2015View Details
A Prayer for my Daughter12-09-2015View Details
Illness12-07-2015View Details
Happiness for my children12-06-2015View Details
A Prayer for Neel12-02-2015View Details
biopsy12-02-2015View Details
operation success12-02-2015View Details
exam11-27-2015View Details
Granddaughter11-26-2015View Details
Health11-25-2015View Details
Faithful Departed Soul of Dominican Priest11-24-2015View Details
well being of my child11-22-2015View Details
HEALTH11-22-2015View Details
Health,peace and happiness11-19-2015View Details
Health/cancer11-18-2015View Details
Personal req11-17-2015View Details
Exam success11-16-2015View Details
Exam success11-16-2015View Details
Health 11-16-2015View Details
work11-16-2015View Details
Pray for my spiritual life11-16-2015View Details
work stress + worry about neighbour annoyance11-15-2015View Details
health and happiness11-15-2015View Details
prayer request for a job11-14-2015View Details
Peace in the world11-14-2015View Details
my son11-14-2015View Details
financial 11-13-2015View Details
A prayer for help11-12-2015View Details
Please hear my prayers11-12-2015View Details
Healing/Finances11-12-2015View Details
Petition to St Martin De Porres11-11-2015View Details
Family peace11-09-2015View Details
Please helps me & thanks for always being there for me11-08-2015View Details
Healing for John and Ellen O'Brien,and God's Blessing on the f11-07-2015View Details
A Friend In Need11-07-2015View Details
Find a Job11-06-2015View Details
Studies11-05-2015View Details
Please help11-04-2015View Details
HEALTH11-04-2015View Details
Private11-03-2015View Details
none11-03-2015View Details
Healing/Finances11-03-2015View Details
family11-01-2015View Details
A prayer for the bereaved10-30-2015View Details
guidance 10-28-2015View Details
Help against a corrupt individual10-28-2015View Details
please pray for Derek10-24-2015View Details
Carrickmines Fire Tragedy10-22-2015View Details
lord hear me10-21-2015View Details
Marriage & families intentions10-20-2015View Details
pray10-20-2015View Details
Ann10-20-2015View Details
Dad 10-20-2015View Details
HELP Prayer10-20-2015View Details
pray10-19-2015View Details
A Prayer for Daddy10-14-2015View Details
Mum breast cancer10-12-2015View Details
Urgent Prayer Request10-09-2015View Details
Gravely ill 10-06-2015View Details
Special Intentions10-05-2015View Details
Studies10-03-2015View Details
Miraculous healing from cancer09-29-2015View Details
Depression 09-28-2015View Details
Prayers for the deceased09-26-2015View Details
Prayers for the sick09-26-2015View Details
Family - living and deceased09-21-2015View Details
Giving Thanks09-21-2015View Details
Health & friends09-19-2015View Details
Cure for cancer and heart disease09-16-2015View Details
Illness09-16-2015View Details
Prayer for Jenny.09-14-2015View Details
Special Favour09-12-2015View Details
prayer for employment09-07-2015View Details
Prayers for Veronica09-05-2015View Details
prayer for friends09-05-2015View Details
financisl difficulties09-04-2015View Details
A Compleat family09-04-2015View Details
Faithful Departed Souls09-04-2015View Details
thank you 09-02-2015View Details
pray for healing and strength for my family08-30-2015View Details
husbands health08-29-2015View Details
for all my family08-29-2015View Details
Thank you for everything you have done.08-28-2015View Details
Health of my eyes08-28-2015View Details
Success in job08-27-2015View Details
to St Martin08-25-2015View Details
Prayer for Illness08-24-2015View Details
Family08-24-2015View Details
employment08-24-2015View Details
Family 08-24-2015View Details
My miracle08-23-2015View Details
healing prayer08-22-2015View Details
healing 08-22-2015View Details
My son08-22-2015View Details
my family08-21-2015View Details
Health 08-21-2015View Details
Return of vehicle 08-20-2015View Details
Pray for cancer patients.08-20-2015View Details
Health 08-19-2015View Details
Job promotion08-18-2015View Details
healing08-18-2015View Details
family08-18-2015View Details
St Martin Pray 08-18-2015View Details
Help08-18-2015View Details
Help for my Mitterrand and keeping my home08-18-2015View Details
healing08-18-2015View Details
Job for my son08-17-2015View Details
Healin of my leg 08-17-2015View Details
Tommys cancer tests come back clear.08-17-2015View Details
health of body and mind08-16-2015View Details
Job request08-15-2015View Details
health08-13-2015View Details
Prayer for my Elderly Mam08-13-2015View Details
End to lonliness of widowhood08-12-2015View Details
mom's health08-11-2015View Details
Prayer for my pet08-10-2015View Details
Guidance 08-05-2015View Details
My Dad08-04-2015View Details
Prayers to resolve an employment situation 07-30-2015View Details
Family, Health, Grandchildren07-29-2015View Details
special requests07-28-2015View Details
RETURN TO GOOD HEALTH07-27-2015View Details
Special Requests07-24-2015View Details
financial aid07-22-2015View Details
My daughter will get a job please07-21-2015View Details
For my niece07-20-2015View Details
health07-17-2015View Details
Health 07-12-2015View Details
Thank You St Martin07-10-2015View Details
Sinead07-09-2015View Details
Help in Search for Employment 07-09-2015View Details
GODS HELP07-07-2015View Details
Fear, Turmoil - Peace & Reconcilliation07-07-2015View Details
Gratuitous Thanks07-04-2015View Details
for things to work out07-03-2015View Details
Please Favours Needed07-01-2015View Details
Health06-29-2015View Details
Work & accommodation problems06-29-2015View Details
Gratuitous thanks06-29-2015View Details
Pray for Sean06-27-2015View Details
Jack Beciri06-27-2015View Details
Job will continue due to lack of finance06-27-2015View Details
That God will bless the friendship of John O Brien and Michael 06-26-2015View Details
prayer for peace06-26-2015View Details
Good health and private intention06-26-2015View Details
Please Help06-25-2015View Details
Homeless family06-24-2015View Details
Major Pet Surgery06-23-2015View Details
Family06-23-2015View Details
For a friend recently diagnosed with cancer06-23-2015View Details
SEEKING EMPLOYMENT06-22-2015View Details
J1 Students in Berkeley06-21-2015View Details
new job06-20-2015View Details
Sick person 06-19-2015View Details
Healing prayer06-19-2015View Details
New Job06-18-2015View Details
Vocation 06-18-2015View Details
RETURN TO HEALTH06-17-2015View Details
Prayer for Health06-17-2015View Details
needs and thanks favours06-17-2015View Details
good health06-16-2015View Details
Continuous Conversion06-15-2015View Details
Help06-11-2015View Details
Very Special Intention06-11-2015View Details
Help My Son & His Partner06-10-2015View Details
Sincere Thanks06-10-2015View Details
Prayer06-08-2015View Details
Petition06-08-2015View Details
Prayer for my mum's health and my special intention06-07-2015View Details
health happiness peace good luck06-06-2015View Details
Health 06-05-2015View Details
help!06-04-2015View Details
needs06-03-2015View Details
favours06-02-2015View Details
ill health06-01-2015View Details
exams and new job05-28-2015View Details
Help to heal05-28-2015View Details
STELLAS PRAYER05-27-2015View Details
family situations.05-26-2015View Details
Health 05-26-2015View Details
Asking God's Blessing on the friendship of John O'Brien and Mi05-26-2015View Details
Healing for John and Ellen O'Brien05-26-2015View Details
HEALTH05-26-2015View Details
Good intentions for family05-25-2015View Details
Resolution for a long ongoing suffering05-25-2015View Details
Thoughts for the O'Herlihy Family05-25-2015View Details
Prayer for job05-25-2015View Details
HEALTH 05-21-2015View Details
prayer for health for family members05-20-2015View Details
Thanks St martin05-20-2015View Details
a blessing for elderly parents. 05-20-2015View Details
Help With Addiction05-20-2015View Details
Help in Sourcing Employment05-20-2015View Details
Gods help 05-20-2015View Details
for Health, Exams & a Job05-19-2015View Details
Special intentions05-18-2015View Details
Conversion of lapsed family members05-16-2015View Details
health issues05-15-2015View Details
please pray for Derek. +INRI05-14-2015View Details
For my family05-13-2015View Details
Help with medical issues 05-08-2015View Details
Employment 05-05-2015View Details
favours needed05-01-2015View Details
unsuitable companion/girlfriend05-01-2015View Details
Please pray for Poland , Church in the USA, and our service to t04-30-2015View Details
Healing for John and Ellen O'Brien.04-30-2015View Details
God's Blessing on the holy friendship between John O'Brien and04-30-2015View Details
Exam04-30-2015View Details
success of job interview04-29-2015View Details
for my daughter to get the job04-23-2015View Details
for someone who is seriously ill ,that he will recover04-23-2015View Details
Employment04-20-2015View Details
Vocation04-14-2015View Details
Health issue04-11-2015View Details
Thank you St Martin04-09-2015View Details
Prayers for my friend 04-07-2015View Details
Family Unity04-04-2015View Details
For health and family04-03-2015View Details
Kelly03-27-2015View Details
Veronica03-27-2015View Details
Health and Wellbeing03-23-2015View Details
For the christians of Syria03-01-2015View Details
Les Bradbury02-24-2015View Details
prayer for unborn baby02-24-2015View Details
Broken in Spirit02-21-2015View Details
family situations.02-20-2015View Details
Help my family.x02-19-2015View Details
Peace in Ukraine02-13-2015View Details



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