The Dominican Order in Ireland appoints a Provincial Promoter and Trustee to the St Martin Apostolate who has charge of the Apostolate.   The Provincial Promoter and Trustee is a Member of the Order and is appointed for a 4 year term of office.   The current Provincial Promoter and Trustee is Fr Diarmuid Clifford O.P., and he is assisted in his duties by a General Manager (Mr. Darragh Murphy).

The Dominican Order in Ireland has also appointed a Governance Board to the St Martin de Porres Apostolate, which oversees the activities of the Apostolate.   The Governance Board has a 4 year term of office.   Members are not remunerated for their involvement on the Governance Board.   The Governance Board comprises

  • Fr Patrick Carroll OP – Chairman
  • Fr Diarmuid Clifford OP – Provincial Promoter and Trustee
  • Fr Joseph Bulman OP – Secretary
  • Fr Edward Conway OP
  • Mr Brian Kelly
  • Mr Darragh Murphy


Our Mission

Our Mission is to help, support and encourage Catholics to practice and develop their faith in all aspects of their everyday lives. This is realised through four main tenets:


  1. Preach the Gospels

As the cornerstone of our faith, we live out our beliefs through learning and reflecting on the teachings of our Lord. We bring this to life through publishing the monthly St Martin Magazine, publishing faith-based articles for reflection on our News/Blog, and through offering twice-daily opportunities to hear the word of Our Lord at Mass in our Oratory.


Each Christmas, we open the famous “Moving Crib”, where the story of Jesus’ birth is presented in a child-friendly way – probably the best free show in Dublin during the Christmas season. We plan on developing and extending The Crib this year while ensuring we retain the integrity of this historic visitor attraction.


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  1. Promote Devotion to St Martin de Porres

For hundreds of years St Martin de Porres has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for millions of Catholics around the world. As our patron saint, the Apostolate promotes devotion to St Martin, who is renowned for intercessions for the sick and for the care of animals. We tell the story of St Martin and encourage devotion at his shrine in our Oratory, during annual novenas and through prayers of intercession.


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  1. Encouraging Prayer

Our faith and everyday lives are greatly enhanced through prayer and reflection. In the busy and often frantic pace of our daily lives, St Martin Apostolate encourages and helps facilitate opportunities to slow down and take time for prayer.


Visitors to Dublin city-centre can avail of our twice-daily Mass, offered in our Oratory on Parnell Square. We accept and pray for Mass Intentions requested by you, you can submit Prayers & Intentions to us, and we also offer a range of prayer books, cards and religious books to help and nourish your prayerful reflections.


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  1. Fund-raising for Dominican Order activities (Preaching, Student Priests and Charity)

The Dominican Order, the Order of Preachers,  has many communities in Ireland engaged in a variety of apostolates. Preaching the gospel is the mission of the Order. It does this in many different ways in its various communities.


St Martin Apostolate participates in promoting the good work of the Dominican Order, through actively fund-raising on their behalf. Since 1952, the Apostolate has published the monthly St. Martin Magazine, has run its renowned Prize Draws and from the very beginning has offered religious items for sale as a means of generating funds.


The Apostolate accepts donations on behalf of the Dominican Order too, particularly for the formation of young priests and religious.


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In order to apply for a Papal Blessing, applications must be now submitted directly to the Papal Blessing Apostolate in Rome. The required form is available HERE.